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Icons {Karneval, Kuro Bara Alice, Are you Alice}

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Mar. 18th, 2011 | 05:17 pm
mood: artistic
music: Eau de vie - Shiki

 So i decided to share for the first time some of my icons. Feel free to save them, and comments are welcomed^.^
Usually im obsessed by hot bishies and I definitely should make some BL icons too, but these are my 3 latest manga obsessions and curiously in these 3 mangas the girls are only a few while there are a lot of guys there, so I felt like I had to make icons of the girls XD they are all pretty girls
  I made some of Karneval, Kuro Bara Alice, and Are you Alice?
Karneval  - Tsukumo (7); Tsukumo x Hirato (4). 

Are You Alice? - Marianne (3); Duchess (3).

Kuro Bara Alice - Dimitri x Alice (2). 

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